About Us

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Masjid-E-Khaleel was established to serve the South Florida Muslim communities. The Masjid is catering for Islamic education. Masjid-E-Khaleel is open to visitors throughout the year who would like to learn about Islam. We hope in the future we will have facilities for the community lectures, seminars and other educational purposes.

New Masjid Plan

Recently the Islamic Association of Tri-County has purchased a land adjacent to the Masjid. Insha Allah the plan is to built a new Masjid building, Madarasa and Islamic Center. Please donate generously for the new project. May Allah accept and bless our deeds.

Mosque Staff

Mosque Officials
  • Sheikh Mohammed Zakaria Badat – Chairman
  • Sheikh Mohammad Ubaydah – Vice Chairman
  • Shahul Hameed – Treasurer
  • Dr. Mohammad Mizan – General Secretary
Imams & Religious Advisors
  • Sheikh Mohammad Zakaria Badat – Imam
  • Hafiz Muhammad Sudani – Second Imam
  • Sister Fatima
  • Sister Khadija
  • Sister Safiyya
  • Sister Asiya
Administration Staff
  • Ghiayathuddin –  Director
  • Hafiz Mahmud  –  Director